"Candle light" Rocket Yoga

Unwind from your day in a dimly lit room with Rocket Yoga.  This is a dynamic and fast-paced flow of yoga.  This type of  Yoga focuses in on targeted body strength and flexibility.  Rocket Yoga is considered to be simple and easier than Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.


Wednesdays @ 6pm  

Salt Yoga

  Practice Yoga and perform different positions and breathing techniques while reaping all the benefits of Halotherapy at the same time.

Thursday, 5/9 @ 10am

Monday, 5/20 @ 6pm 



Noelle Andrianopoulos 

Yoga Teacher - Rocket Yoga, Salt Yoga

Noelle grew up in Illinois and her passions include traveling, vegan cooking, hiking, and yoga. In 2009, she enrolled in a yoga teacher training program at Yoga Ah Studio, Cincinnati and earned the 200 RYT Certification through Yoga Alliance for Ashtanga Yoga. Since then, she has taught at the studio where she earned her credentials, taught “Yoga in Nature” for the Cook County of Forest Preserve, and taught private lessons. Currently, she is still running private yoga sessions and continues to enhance her practice through Yoga Retreats and Classes wherever her travels take her. In her spare time, Noelle enjoys hosting a monthly Yoga/Dinner night for friends and family, spending time with loved ones, exploring nature and faraway places, and enhancing her personal yoga practice.

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