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Reiki is a form healing using the energy system of the body.  It is meditative and supports personal development. A non-invasive form of healing, Reiki allows the practitioner to simply lay his or her hands over the client and channel Reiki into their energy field. It is a simple and safe method of bringing awareness of the Universal life force energy that flows through us, enabling us to connect to our true essence.

Reiki Practitioners



Reiki Practitioner

Patty Wisniewski, is the owner of The Zen Den-where bliss meets enlightenment and she specializes in Reiki,  Aura Imaging,  Reflexology and Alchemy Singing Bowls.  Patty is a certified traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Ry_h_ practitioner and teacher.  She is also certified in the “western” version of Reiki, including Usui\Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki® .  She is a certified reflexologist

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