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How it all started!

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

"Where we provide a Calm and relaxed environment that will encourage our customers to feel Peaceful and positive using natural health methods and leave them feeling Untroubled." -Owner, Nina Newcombe

Who would have known that a trip to a salt cave in Starved Rock, Illinois would change our lives? Growing up my family and I always had a passion for natural ways of healing and holistic medicine. After working in multiple doctors’ offices as a Massage Therapist and then transitioning into Corporate America only to work a few desk jobs I didn’t feel passionate about what I was doing. I didn’t feel the drive or excitement of just working the same shift every day. I respect those that do but I didn’t feel as if this was my purpose. My husband has worked in corporate America for 15+ years and has always had the passion to continue to climb the ladder but not me. However, his drive and knowledge of business with his degree was crucial to us building what we have today.

After redeeming a Groupon voucher for a Salt Cave in Starved Rock, Illinois we contemplated starting our own business. The feeling that the salt cave gave us afterwards was wonderful. I was looking for a way out of corporate America and he was looking for a way to keep me in a job that I loved. We tossed the idea around the next day started to ask ourselves a ton of questions like what would our salt cave look like? what other services can we add that would go well and fit into our natural and/or holistic way of thinking?

We wanted to make sure that every product we stocked on the shelf supported our mission. This the main reason why we also started to produce our own product under “Pure Serenity”. We wanted to make sure every service we provided to our customer promoted well-being. After learning the benefits of a Ionic Foot Detox it was a must that we provided this service. My passion for the power of essential oils and their benefits led to adding Aromatouch. And after completing a course to do it my passion grew stronger. Our initial core services were Halotherapy (Salt Cave), Ionic Foot Detox, and Aromatouch with a line of natural products to back up the services.

As the excitement grew about the idea of starting our own business my husband did everything but build Rome in three days over the next two weeks. Our business plan was put together and we were sold on starting our first business. I was looking forward to the thought that I would be able to provide people with a stress-free, calming, and relaxing environment. I was excited to serve people and put smiles on their face. That seemed more like my purpose and passion.

We just needed a name to call it. As a Massage Therapist I started to perform massages independently and named my business “Serenity”. Since we have such a passion for “Natural” things it was only fitting that we named our business “Natural Serenity”.

What started out as an idea in late March of 2018 became reality as we opened our doors to Natural Serenity in December of the same year.

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