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  • Mask will be required to enter the facility, but once you are settled in the Salt room you may remove. Please put your mask back on before exciting the Salt Room.

  • All Halotherapy sessions are 45 minutes long. Please arrive 10 mins early to ensure enough time to get checked in and allow us to thoroughly clean between appointments. All sessions start on the hour and once the session has begun late arrivals will be asked to wait for next session if available.

  •  The temperature in the room will be between 68 - 72 degrees. Feel free to wear whatever makes you comfortable as you lay in a zero gravity chair. We will no longer provide blankets but feel free to bring your own.

  • There will be no shoes, cell phones, or any other electronics allowed in the room. 

    • Exceptions will be made for electronics for those who prefer to use their own noise cancelling headphones​.

  • Please refrain from wearing any perfume or scents to your session. 

  • Regular sessions can accommodate up to 4 people and we do kindly ask that all sessions are quiet as most people do sleep or they like to meditate. 


  • Aromatouch is 45 minute session and is performed in a quiet relaxing room. The room is filled with salt lamps and meditation music for you to ease your mind. You will need to undress from the waist up. Essential oils are applied down your spine, back, and on your feet. This is not a massage so no pressure will be applied, only a lite touch. Expect to be really relaxed after your session.

Ionic Foot Detox

  • Ionic Foot Detox is 30 minutes long with your feet soaking in warm water. A heated waist belt is wrapped around your waist to increase blood circulation, which helps the process of releasing toxins. You may feel tingling in your body as the ionized water enters your body through the 24,000 pores in your feet. The water surrounding your feet may bubble and will change colors.

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